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Because it's more fun to travel all together!

10% DISC

10% discount is for everyone that joins a trip and bring friends with them. So let's imagine Caroline joins the trip with 6 friends she will get a 60% discount for her. So around 320€ a trip instead of 800€.
So if she gets 10 people, she will travel for free!!
But for you ambassador, we want to give you more!
You'll get a 10% comission for Caroline but also 5% comission on every friend she is bringing with! On last example with Caroline you would get 80€ + 40€*6= 320€ just talking once with Caroline. 
Just tell Caroline to tag your name&surname on the 'Referral label' on the contact form when submitting a trip request, and we'll take it from here!

Ready to be ambassador?

Thanks future ambassador!

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