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Inauguration day - Party I

PDL Lomma - 2nd July 2021

They always say that age is just a number and that the important thing in life is the mental age and how you feel about that. And we agree on that. But when we talk about gathering, traveling or doing activities together, everyone feels more comfortable and has a better time if they are surrounded by people on his age.

As one of our main focus in Barcelona Padel Experience is giving our players the best padel trip they can imagine, we really take care of this small details. We have trips to Spain focusing in young players and other trips focusing in senior players. Where do you fit in? 


Everything had to be perfect for the inauguration day. We were running out of time and with a tight schedule to deliver a clean and dynamic website to help us show the padel players how is traveling to Spain with Barcelona Padel Experience. 

The first inauguration party took place in PDL Lomma 2nd of July 2021. We played from 19h to 22h a fun and friendly americano - king of the court with 32 of the best rackets in south skane within 25 and 40 years old. We divided courts from level 1 to 6 playing games every 20 minutes and during 2 hours the players were showing everything they had on the court. 


After the games it was time for some food and drinks. Thanks to one of our sponsors, Estrella Damm, players had a taste of the mediterranean dream and experienced the padel+beer culture that we have in Spain after every padel match.

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