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Carlshamn Padel

Carlshamn Padel - 16th Jan 2022

Thank you Carlshamn Padel for a warm welcome! It was a pleasure to finally visit your facilities and your training staff. 

They have a huge kid's academy with around 60 kids between 6 to 14 years old. And their main goal was to set up an standard Learning Methodology on how to train those kids padel basics in a fun way.


From Barcelona Padel Experience we prepared a 4 hour clinic:

- 2 hours of Padel Basics Methodology: explaining how we should proceed with every padel shot (forehand, backhand, forehand volley, etc) and how to teach it with a basic learning transition.

- 2 hours of Fun Padel Games for Kids: provide them with a huge amount of fun exercises for kids. 


Get in contact with us ( if your club needs a refreshment of padel fundamentals and training session for kids or adults.

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