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Lunch Americano

PDL Lund - 23th Sept 2021

Second lunch americano of the seasson. When people is playing padel during an office break it's always a guarantee of a successful event. Because is more fun to play padel during working hours!


Thanks PDL Center Lund who organized this americano with 16 players willing to find their prize as a discount for a trip with Barcelona Padel Experience. Switching partners is part of the americano and a great opportunity to socialize with other padel maniacs. 24 points every match and serving two times each person is the only rules of success.

Only two players won but everyone had fun during 2h. Congratulations to Fredrik Asplund and Fredrik Soederberg.


After the games it was time for some food and drinks. As always thanks to one of our sponsors, Estrella Damm, players had a taste of the mediterranean dream and experienced the padel+beer culture that we have in Spain after every padel match.


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