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Inauguration day - Party II

PDL Lomma - 9th July 2021

Second inauguration party took place as well in PDL Lomma 9th of July 2021. Because it just feels nice to do funny events twice, right? We had a second fun and friendly americano with 28 players this time in the age group of +40. We all deserve a night out, play some padel and drink some beers with our friends!


We played from 19h to 22h a king of the court. One thing we noticed is that it was so much fun for most of them to change partner after every game. It's ceirtainly more fun to play padel during two hours with 10 different people as a partner. A real way to meet new people who will be your next future padel gang and why not your future team mates to join a trip with us!


After the games it was time for some food and drinks. Thanks to one of our sponsors, Estrella Damm, players had a taste of the mediterranean dream and experienced the padel+beer culture that we have in Spain after every padel match.


The event was an absolute success. Everyone was happy and exited to get to know more about Barcelona Padel Experience. In fact, a big group of ladies from Lomma are joining our trip on September 30th 2021!

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